Word problems with equations

Last updated: 13 Oct 2008

We will begin with an example of a word problem and then look at how to use equations to solve it

Carl has twice as much money invested in stocks as in bonds. Stocks earn 10% interest per year and bonds 5% per year.

If Carl earned a total of $800 dollars from his stocks and bonds last year how much money did he have invested in stocks?

  1. $9,600
  2. $8,000
  3. $6,400
  4. $4,000
  5. $3,200

If you feel brave you can have a go at it now.

My advice would be to follow these guidelines.

Write equations, which contain the information given to you in the question.
  • Use sensible variable names for example the first letter of the thing that the variable represents.
  • Identify answer i.e. write down exactly what you are looking for.
Find the solution for the equstions you have written down.

Now lets work through the question together and see how you have done.

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