Permutations, combinations and probability tutorial

Last updated: 13 Oct 2008

Permutations, combinations and probability questions tend to be more difficult than many other sorts of math questions on the GMAT, they are also fairly rare.

That said you should not feel intimidated by these types of questions since they are all based around some simple counting techniques.

This tutorial will outline the basic concepts for permutations, combinations and probability questions and show you the techniques to use to answer them quickly and accurately.

Please note that permutations, combinations and probability are advanced topics for the GMAT so please make sure that you have already mastered the majority of the basic math questions before you tackle this topic. Because unless you are doing very well in the quantitative section you are unlikely to have to face these types of question.

You are expected to have completed the fractions, exponents, ratios and percentages and word problems tutorials before starting this tutorial.

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  1. the concepts are really helpful for understanding the basic concepts

    protyusha on 28 Jul 2009 (permalink)

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