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Last updated: 26 May 2018

In this tutorial you have been given a basic overview of the GMAT.

You should now know whether you need to take the GMAT or not. You should also be clear that it tests your basic math and english. Finally you should understand that to achieve the best score possible you must prepare for this test.

There are a variety of things you can do next to get you on your way to taking the GMAT.

Try some questions

Try answering the questions in our introductory practice set to give you a flavor of what the GMAT is like.

Start studying

If you want to get stuck in and start studying then you could start with either

Or take a look at our complete list of GMAT tutorials.

Further reading

The following should help you start preparing for the GMAT.

MBA Research

Start researching the MBA programs that you are interested in applying for.

What do you want to achieve with your MBA? What sort of MBA program will help you do this?

You may find the following useful in your search for the ideal MBA program

Once you have narrowed down your search you probably want to look into when do you need to apply to them by and at what sort of GMAT scores do successful applicants get. This information will be available from the website's of individual MBA programs.

Business Week's admissions Q&A's are essential reading for those interested in finding out more about how business schools choose between applicants and in particular how the GMAT fits into this.

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