How to register to for the GMAT exam?

Last updated: 10 Mar 2010

The GMAT is administered by computer for the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). One of the main advantages of the test being computer administered is that you can take the test almost any day of the year and should be available almost every week day of the year in a testing center near you.

Test fee

The GMAT test fee is $250 (US) worldwide. In some countries you will have to pay tax in addition to this fee. You will have to pay this fee when you register for the GMAT.

Booking a time to take the GMAT

Bookings for the GMAT are made online with

If you register more than two weeks in advance there should be no problem getting the time and date you wish. Register for the test now.

Since the test is rarely available at the weekends you will probably have to take time off work to present the test.

We would strongly advise you to register for a morning test early in the week i.e. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because we all know that our concentration is much better at these times than on a Friday afternoon for example.

Avoid going to work before the test if you can because you want to be at your tip top best when you present the GMAT.

On the day

The GMAC have strict identification procedures so that the test center ensures that you are who you say you are when you take the test. Make sure you take the identification that your local test center requires to the test.

The test center will also make sure that you bring no study aids into the test. Most importantly you will not be able to use a calculator or dictionary.

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  1. The fee is ridiculous. Why are we paying so much, when most of the test is being graded electronically? That's a no no.

    emmanuelkesse on 27 Dec 2008 (permalink)

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