General tips for the GMAT

Last updated: 13 Oct 2008

There are some very important guidelines to follow when presenting the test which will help you score the best you can.

Process of elimination

The GMAT is a multiple choice test and you should use this to your advantage. If you do not know the answer can you discard any of the answers as definitely wrong, if you can do this you are increasing your chances of picking the right answer.

This is most useful in the verbal section when you can often discard 2, 3 or even 4 answers quite easily.

Time management

The GMAT has very tight deadlines in all the sections and it is important that you use that time well.

In the GMAT there will be a clock on the top left hand side of the computer screen which will keep you informed of how much time you have left in the section.

Do not spend all of your time staring at it but do glance at it every 5 questions or so to make sure you are using the time wisely.

Avoid perfectionism

Remember you do not have to get every question right to score 800. If you do not know or are not sure about the answer to a question then take the plunge and guess it.

The worst thing you can do in the GMAT is spend 8 minutes on a question. If you spend this amount of time on any question it is because you do not know how to do it, and you will almost certainly get it wrong. Get it wrong (or right if you are lucky) quickly by guessing and save the time for questions you do know how to answer.

Avoid carelessness

When you review GMAT questions, that you have done, you will find that many of the wrong answers are caused by careless reading of the question or simple mistakes in your calculations. It is very important that you make an effort to stamp out these mistakes.

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