Introduction to the GMAT

Last updated: 3 Jun 2013

You have decided to apply for an MBA and now you have to take the dreaded GMAT. Yikes! For many people nothing could be more frightening.

In this tutorial we will start right at the beginning and try to answer many of the questions that you might have about the GMAT.

The most important question of all before you start studying is, do you need to take the GMAT?

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Comments (12):

  1. eager to see it...

    Anonymous on 2 Jul 2007 (permalink)
  2. I want to know about the basics of GMAT and want proper guidance of how to go about preparing GMAT to get above average GMAT score

    Anonymous on 25 Aug 2007 (permalink)
  3. interested to have the good score

    ramesh123 on 8 Oct 2008 (permalink)
  4. I have just started the preparations for GMAT
    Please guide me for how to start preparing for GMAT

    appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    priyanka_sharma on 25 Mar 2009 (permalink)
  5. I need a score of 450 to apply for MBA.
    I just have 1 month to prepare for the same and maths is giving me nuts....
    Plzz suggest me how to get the score of 450-500 in 1 month.....

    adi on 31 Mar 2009 (permalink)
  6. yes

    nathaliadm on 23 Apr 2009 (permalink)
  7. I am planning to take GMAT in 3months time. Please advise should I join a preparation institute like Princeton or Manhattan or should I prepare on my own?

    debanshu1983 on 8 May 2010 (permalink)
  8. I am intending to write the exam around October.Can you please guide me ?

    jawahirjunu on 8 Jul 2010 (permalink)
  9. Most of the good institutes accept GMAT scores. I am into family business and cannot find time to prepare in certain time frame for CAT, MAT, etc., where with GMAT its my choice to book a slot and attempt confidently.

    Also have a choice to apply abroad...

    So my answer is "YES I need to...."

    sai999 on 28 Sep 2010 (permalink)
  10. First of all... Whats GMAT abbreviated from?

    sai999 on 28 Sep 2010 (permalink)
  11. Yes GMAT is a must to hit my next goal.

    sudeep_isb on 10 Jan 2012 (permalink)
  12. must know

    aliuniyi10 on 13 Apr 2012 (permalink)

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