Idiomatic expression quiz

Last updated: 13 Oct 2008

Fill in the blanks of the following 15 questions (or rather, note them down on a scrap of paper) and then we'll see how you did on the next page.

Note: some of these sentences do not need anything in the blank space.

  1. I consider you __________ one of my best friends.
  2. He regards me __________ a mortal enemy.
  3. Steve's life centers __________ the never-ending struggle to get up early every morning.
  4. Llamas are native __________ South America.
  5. I forbid you __________ stop taking this test!
  6. You are prohibited __________ taking a break!
  7. I think of Newt Gingrich __________ my good pal.
  8. We can compare his exuberant entrance __________ a tornado sweeping everything in its path.
  9. I am not much of an athlete compared __________ Wayne Gretzky.
  10. We mistook you __________ a penguin in those clothes.
  11. Our problems range __________ miscommunication __________ utter incompetence.
  12. Rainy days make me __________ think of London.
  13. The Sumerians are credited __________ inventing the wheel.
  14. In the dark, it is difficult to distinguish Steve __________ Joel.
  15. I can always distinguish between Joel __________ Steve.

All done? Let us see how you did.

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