Idiomatic expressions tutorial

Last updated: 13 Oct 2008

Idiomatic expressions are phrases that are common in standard written English. There is no magic formula or logical procedure for determining if a particular combination of verbs, prepositions, and nouns is correct - you simply have learned these expressions beforehand, or you have not.

So for the GMAT sentence correction section, we must make sure that we know as many of the important/common ones as possible.

Note: You should read our Introduction to sentence correction tutorial before beginning this tutorial.

Here is an example of an idiomatic expression : I forbid you to go.

Why forbid to? Why not forbid from? Or forbid with? It is simply forbid to and not something else because centuries of custom and use have made it that way.

We must 1) accept that, and 2) learn that.

In this tutorial we will learn many of the idiomatic expressions which are important for the GMAT.

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  1. Have adopted a lucid approach in explaining stuffs

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