GMAT tutorials

Last updated: 20 Apr 2009

Our tutorials break your GMAT study down into manageable chunks. Each tutorial and the practice questions after them should take about an hour and a half to complete.

Introduction to the GMAT

This tutorial will take you through the basics of the GMAT, answering questions like "Do I need to take the GMAT?" and "What does the GMAT test?".

This where you should start your GMAT study.

Quantitative tutorials

These tutorials will take you through the basic mathematics required for the quantitative section of the GMAT and will give you plenty of tips on how to answer the questions at speed.

Verbal tutorials

These tutorials will give you the knowledge you need to be be able to tackle the GMAT's critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence corrections questions which test your logical reasoning, comprehension and grammar respectively.

Advanced writing assessment tutorials

These tutorials will provide you with a framework for writing the 30 minutes essays required in the GMAT.

We will be adding further tutorials over the coming months.

Comments (22):

  1. hi i am manish doing engg..,i want to serve in a company as a manager that is why i need to qualify GMAT exam.and this site provide good GMAT learning program.

    thank fully


    manish on 14 Dec 2006 (permalink)
  2. First I want to thank you this website for coming in the help of people that cannot afford to spend thousands of $ in the preparation for GMAT test.
    I took the GMAT once - just to see the difficulty of the questions encountered - to aproximately figure out the range of the score. I am planning to take it again at the end of July this time for real- with confirmation of sending the results to the Universities.
    I think for many people that study for GMAT Data Sufficiency is a big deal to be cracked when you reach harder questions.Can we be helped by this website much more in this direction???

    I have to read from my memory, because at GMAT as you know you cannot take notes - I encountered two kinds of problems for which I did not have any clue. I haven't solve something similar before and I was taken by surprise.

    I want to share with GMAT comunity people these two kind of problems appeared on the official GMAT test.

    Problem #1 A trust fund is composed by stocks, bonds and savings in the ratio 3:1:5. If the amount in stocks and bonds was 10.000 how much was invested in savings?

    Problem #2 from Data Sufficiency section
    A company bought desks of $150 and chairs of $50. Can it buy 40 desks?

    a) The total cost of the purchases was $500
    b) It bought fewer than 20 chairs.

    Hope to get feedback as soon as possible

    I saw somebody who wrote on the website that "Word Problems" does not sound like a big deal at the GMAT, but I can say that Word Problems in Data Sufficiency can be a real burden!

    arianap on 6 Apr 2007 (permalink)
  3. Hi there .You have done some excellent work over this site.This site is really very helpfull.thanks for sharing all this. But i do have another favour to ask. I have a very slow internet connection.SO reading it online has become a very difficult task.Isnt there a way in which i can download the material.It would be really helpfull if there is a way.
    thanking you

    sgr_rdy on 6 May 2007 (permalink)
  4. Sagar, I plan to add print versions of both the tutorials and the questions so that you can print them off and read that at your leisure.

    Would this meet your needs?

    joel on 6 May 2007 (permalink)
  5. I would love to see a print version. Any idea when that would be ready? So far the site looks good, I have just begun prep for the test.

    micheller on 12 May 2007 (permalink)
  6. I'll make it my next task, so it'll probably be early June.

    joel on 13 May 2007 (permalink)
  7. stocks =s
    bonds =b
    savings =v

    s:b:v = 3:1:5

    s/b = 3/1 ------eqn 1
    s+b = 10000 ---- eqn 2
    Solving eqn 1 & 2 we get b=2500
    so V= 5*b = 5*2500 = 12500. This is the amount in savings.

    shuvadeep on 29 May 2007 (permalink)
  8. Print versions of all the tutorials are now available and can be found by clicking on the 'Print version' link at the bottom of the tutorials table of contents.

    For example see the print version of our introduction to the GMAT.

    joel on 4 Jun 2007 (permalink)
  9. Hello Joel,
    This is a fantastic site. I just registered as a member and solved the tutorial on number properties. The last two questions in the tutorial were tough and interesting. Will surely come back to your website to solve more tutorials.

    Overall the site looks great in terms of both content and navigation. I wish you and your team success.


    now.gmat on 15 Jul 2007 (permalink)
  10. I am glad you've found it helpful. Best of luck with your GMAT.


    joel on 16 Jul 2007 (permalink)
  11. Hello Joel,
    This site is really useful, not only for GMAT but various other competitive exam like CAT (for IIMs in India), XAT (for XLRI in India).

    I have one request can you increase the number of practice question, then it will be really helpful.

    Anonymous on 29 Aug 2007 (permalink)
  12. I should have this fixed in about a week.

    joel on 29 Nov 2007 (permalink)
    THANKS,.............OLEKA, KINGSLEY

    kingtton09 on 9 Sep 2008 (permalink)
  14. can you pls help me with this question.a mouse is at the origin.each time it moves,it is displaced by +1 unit either parallel to the x-axis or to the its movements are restricted to the positive only stops when the sum of its x and y coordinates is 4 or the absolute difference of its coordinates reaches 2.construct a tree diagram to describe all possible paths the mouse can travel.

    andy on 4 Apr 2009 (permalink)
  15. Andy, this does not sound like a GMAT question, where did you come across it?

    joel on 4 Apr 2009 (permalink)
  16. Hello, I'm Nazish. I've found your site really interesting and helpful ! I'll be taking the test in October Inshallah. Wish me luck :)

    Nazish87 on 20 Jul 2010 (permalink)
  17. Hi...
    i am preparing for my aptitude and i got stuck at "syllogism"...
    can u please help me out with this???

    Fazeel on 18 Jan 2011 (permalink)
  18. I love the way the material is laid out; the comments feature, and the price for the value. Also the math is well explained.

    areyes on 11 Nov 2011 (permalink)
  19. -5(x+2)=-1

    mohibrar14 on 22 Jan 2012 (permalink)
  20. any one help -5 x+2(power of -5)= -1

    mohibrar14 on 22 Jan 2012 (permalink)
  21. thank you so much guys... you are really awesome!! you've helped me a great deal, i hope your business flourishes! :)

    puiudenisa on 19 Mar 2013 (permalink)
  22. dear
    i have a cherished dream to do my MBA in top 100 university in the world by i need a smart GMAT score.i did BBA from national university of Bangladesh major marketing.
    so give me some guidelines how can overcome verier of this path.
    what should i read primarily for basic maths & verbal.
    Thank you
    Anisuzzaman (somon)

    anis on 5 Feb 2014 (permalink)

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