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Type: Critical Reasoning

Difficulty: 3 star rating

At its simplest, proponents of a longer copyright term argue that the additional potential revenue stream will act as an incentive and encourage the production of additional creative works.

Which of the following, if true, casts most doubt on the conclusion of this argument?

  1. With the advent of the internet infringement of copyright is likely to increase in future.
  2. Consumers benefit from the management of creative works by copyright owners and their agents, which term extension would facilitate further still.
  3. Many copyright creators make decisions using purely 'rational' criteria such as how much revenue it will generate for them.
  4. Consumers demand and enjoy copyrighted works as much if not more than works in the public domain.
  5. Additional incentive that would be created by a term extension is miniscule when the value of that extension is brought into present dollars.


Identify the type of question

The questions asks you to identify the answer which 'if true, casts most doubt on the conclusion of this argument?'

This means that we are looking for an answer which will weaken the argument.

Identify the argument

The argument in the first line says that copyright extension will increase financial rewards for creative authors, and therefore more creative works will be produced.

Anticipate the answer

Try to anticipate the answer, what would weaken this argument?

We need to weaken the link between the premise that copyright extension would increase the financial rewards for creative authors and the conclusion that will mean that more creative works are produced.

We could do this by suggesting that the increase in rewards would not be significant or by suggesting that authors would not be influenced by money.

A quick scan through the answers suggests that E would fulfill this criteria because it says that the increase in money for authors would not be significant.

Process of elimination

To be sure of the answer we use a process of elimination.

Answer A
This answer suggests that there will be increased copyright infringement in future which could be interpreted to mean that financial rewards will not increase much but there are other interpretations so this should be eliminated.
Answer B
This answer is irrelevant because it suggests that copyright extensions would benefit consumers but does not have any bearing on whether more works would be created. Therefore B can be eliminated.
Answer C
This answer strengthens the argument because it suggests that authors will be influenced by financial rewards and so can be eliminated.
Answer D
This answer is irrelevant because again it does not address the creation of new works.
Answer E
This answer seriously weakens the argument by suggesting that the increase in financial rewards will be negligible.

All the answers except E have been eliminated and E seriously weakens the argument, therefore E is the correct answer.

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