GMAT practice questions

These 152 GMAT practice questions and explanations are just what you need to prepare for the test.

Each set of questions has an accompanying tutorial giving you advice on how to answer them.

Practice setNo. of questionsStatusAction
Sentence correction 8 Not started Start
Idiomatic expressions 7 Not started Start
Critical Reasoning 2 Not started Start
Fractions 15 Not started Start
Exponents, ratios and percentages 16 Not started Start
Geometry 16 Not started Start
Word problems 16 Not started Start
Rate problems 12 Not started Start
Properties of numbers 17 Not started Start
Data sufficiency 25 Not started Start
Permutations, combinations and probability 12 Not started Start
Introductory 6 Not started Start

Pot luck

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Practice tests

Full length practice GMAT tests should also be part of your preparation for the GMAT.

Why practice

There is no substitute for practice in your preparation for the GMAT.

It is important that you practice the techniques you learn in our GMAT tutorials by trying them out on GMAT questions.

This will ensure that you

  • understand how to choose which approach to take with each question and can apply the tips you have learned appropriately.
  • remember the techniques you have learned.

The GMAT also has strict time limits and without practice you will find it very hard to finish the test on time.

Finally, GMAT questions are all very similar and if you have already tried 200+ questions you will find that many of the questions in the real test are familiar and thus easy.