The day I took the GMAT

Last updated: 26 May 2018

While you are studying for the GMAT you inevitably start wondering what it will really be like to take the test.

The following accounts from these students of the day they took the GMAT will give you a sense of what it will be like, provide you with tips for the day of the test and remind you that you everyone feels apprehensive about taking the GMAT.

790 (q50 v51) from Twinsplitter on TestMagic
A detailed GMAT debrief which should be an inspiration to us all and shows that even the best test takers get nervous.
My GMAT great detail from But I'm just a girl... (Score: >710)
A blow by blow account of the day of test.
Test day from tictaktoe on TestMagic (Score: 750 q50 v41)
"The most important things during the test is NOT TO PANIC. Stay calm n cool even if you are stuck somewhere. If you can manage that, its not very difficult to crack."
740 (q:50,v:40) from crack_gmat123 on TestMagic
"Anyone with reasonable quant skills (aka engineering,math degree..) should do well as long as he/she has done the gmat prep tests about 5-6 times.", so it's all in the preparation.
What an experience, but all's well that ends well from eltonstout on Beat the GMAT
Don't forget your ID when you go to the test center.
GMAT: A total nightmare =( from Catalina (Score 450 q25 v27)
"Have everything ready days before, and try to relax before the test day, I was making a lot of last minute arrangements and it really broke me."
650 (q48, v31, awa 5.5) from skuchkarov on TestMagic
Skuchkarov reflects on the differences between practice and the real thing.
710 two weeks of study from avaleri on TestMagic
A very laid back approach gets results.
Got 730 (q48, v42) from piren on Beat the GMAT
Piren found the verbal section easier than in practice but the quantitative section was harder than expected.

For reflections on studying for the GMAT see Tips from successful GMAT takers.

And if you still want more stories browse through the I just Beat the GMAT! and Just Finished My GMAT forums which contain many more accounts.

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  1. Hi... I have a friend in Qatar who is graduated in BS. commerce and he wanted to take the GMAT...

    Does he need to take any classes b4 he can take the GMAT or he can just take review class?

    Sorry for my question i just dont have any knowledge about it

    lost_inlover on 3 Aug 2007 (permalink)

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