GMAT tutorials, practice questions and tips

Last updated: 6 Aug 2012

We have distilled years of experience teaching the GMAT into this set of tutorials, practice questions and tips to help you prepare you for the GMAT.

Preparing for the GMAT will improve your score and give you a better chance of getting accepted by the business school of your choice.

If you are not sure exactly what the GMAT is then you should start with our introduction to the GMAT which will answer all your basic questions i.e. What is the GMAT? Do I need to take the GMAT? What does it test? How is it scored? How much do I need to score etc.


Our tutorials cover the quantitative, verbal and advanced writing assessment sections of the GMAT and will show you how to get the best possible score in each area.

Practice questions

Most of our tutorials end with a set of practice questions so that you can try out the techniques you have learned. We also list the relevant practice questions from the The Official Guide for GMAT Review (11th Edition) for each tutorial.

Finally we guide you to freely available practice tests so that you can find out what it is like to take the GMAT also what you would score.

GMAT tips

Our tips cover everything from time management during the test to advice from successful GMAT takers on how to prepare.

Getting started

Get started with our introduction to the GMAT which will take you through the test in more detail.

Best of luck!